Education - First Lutheran Church

Sunday School in session from 10-10:45AM. Masks are expected to help protect our most vulnerable.


For further details or to reserve your spot, please contact the Church Office at

“Raising Young Families in Faith”, geared for families with young children, will be held during the Sunday School hour. Children can play or attend Sunday school during group. When: Sunday mornings after church (10am-11am) 2 dates left, come join us! October 17 and 24 Leader: Katelyn Vahl

“Why Can't We All Get Along?”, How do we get along with our family, neighbors, friends and church members who have different political views? How can we get past the polarization in our society and learn to embrace our differences? This small group will focus on ideas to bring us together without necessarily changing anyone’s mind. Begins October 20th meeting at 7PM at First Lutheran. Leader: Karen DeBolt

“ A Praying Life”, This small group will use the book, by Paul E. Miller to help strengthen your relationship with God through prayer. “A Praying Life” feels like having dinner with good friends. It is the way we experience and connect to God. Will begin in February 2022.  Leaders: Kathy Stuttle & Sheryll Trost

“Letting Go, Building Back, Moving On”, focusing on faith through life transitions. Life is full of challenges, many of which come when we are faced with change: changes with work, family, relationships, health, and the like. This small group is a series of 6-8 meetings focusing on how our faith will support our growth as we are transitioning from one event or phase of life to the next. Dates and times to be determined. Leader Wally Hamlin

“Are You Stressed Yet!?!”, Life seems to be getting more and more complicated. This small group will focus on exploring coping strategies to help ground us to what is truly important. Dates and times to be determined. Leader: Ryan Phillips

Growing as Disciples

Jesus calls us to be His disciples – those who learn from Him and grow in Him as we follow Him. 

At First Lutheran Church, we offer a variety of opportunities for disciples and seekers of all ages to learn and grow in faith.

Sunday School – begins Sunday September 26th, 2021. We offer classes for ages 3 years (must be potty trained) to High school. Meeting at 10:00 a.m. every Sunday.

Vacation Bible School – Each Summer we join with First Baptist Church and the United Methodist Church of Plano to offer Vacation Bible School for children from Pre-School through Jr. High.

Bible Studies – (Currently on hold) Women's Bible Study, 3rd Thursday of the month at 1:00PM.

Retreats- We hold a one day Retreat for all adult members usually once a year in the Fall, to discuss where do we wish to see First Lutheran in the coming year.

Youth Activities – We have a number of youth activities including Leadership Lab, service events and much more.

We have First Communion Classes for 5th grade students once a year before Easter. Children who attend the two classes take their First Communion on Maundy Thursday.

Confirmation Classes: Students complete 2 Years of instruction, beginning when they are in 7th grade and conclude at the end of their 8th grade year. Classes are conducted throughout the Sunday school season.

For more information about any of our educational opportunities, please call the Church Office, (630) 552-8263, or email Pastor Jonathan Black at


Confirmands May 5, 2019