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Why Teach? By Donielle Anderson

 The question arises quite often when people ask me why I teach for a living, what grade do I teach, do I like it and why do you teach in your spare time?  Well that question for me is easy, teaching kids math, science, language and social studies is hard work but fun.  You have to figure out how each kid can learn the lesson for the day, how can they adapt this and then how they can apply this new information to remember and not just memorize.  By the next day most kids come back telling me, “Mrs. Anderson I don’t remember how to do that or I don’t remember talking about that.”  Oh geez….helping teach kids core curriculum is hard work!

 Now teaching in my spare time on Sundays about the Lord, his eternal Love and our eternal home in Heaven is easy for me.  God loves us is something I teach the kids from the beginning, how much He loves us, why He loves us so much and how we can share his love to others is what I want them to learn.  Anyone who is a Christian, I believe could teach to kids so,  I began teaching Sunday School to give each of the kids a chance to know Jesus and his Father the way I know him personally.  I want all the kids to know how deserving each of them are to experience his love.  Not just some people get to go to Heaven and not just some people can go to church and not just some people can teach others about God’s love, we are all invited to be Christians and to spread the good news.  It can be taught at a young age and can become a great rock these kids lean on, God is faithful all the time. By teaching on Sunday’s I apply this to the little minds in the classroom.

 Each kid has different ways of being raised in life, if I can give these kids 30 minutes of undivided attention about how much God loves them, what He has done for us, why He continues to do things for us and pray that they will go out and be sheep among the wolves, then I feel my job is complete for the day, how easy is that.  I want them to thirst for the good and be the good in the world, to shine with the love of the Lord and to spread the good news to all so that we may all be in Heaven together some day. 

That is why I teach in my spare time, to bring others to the Lord and to spread the good news.  I encourage you to find your talents whether in teaching, crafts, stories, games, youth involvement, teen interaction or preschool age activities, anything you can do to contribute and help bring them closer to Jesus is so rewarding.